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Opel Blitz: car for wars, for peace but not to rent

Opel Blitz: car for wars, for peace but not to rent

Opel Blitz was produced from 1930 to 1950. The truck was used by the Germans during the war. It was not popular in the Soviet Union because of the destruction in our country and the enemy aspect. Nowadays you can hardly find this vehicle but you can rent modern Opel Astra.

The first gen Opel Blitz was produced beginning with 1930 and up to the 1950s.

Thanks to this long period, the truck was remembered by not one generation of motorists. But not all memories of the truck are good ones as the Opel Blitz was the main means to transport goods to the Wehrmacht. However, this vehicle is not only notable for its respectable age.

By the time of the start of production the Opel Blitz had already been a part of General Motors. As a consequence, German engines and engines from Buick were installed in the truck (constructively, they were not different, the volume of the six-cylinder unit was 2.5 or 3.6 litres, the maximum power was 53 hp, which allowed to accelerate to 90 km/h on good surface). The manufacturer picked the name of the brand with full responsibility: some clear requirements had been formulated and the final version had been chosen by 1.5 million of the Germans as a result of the votes.

There were several versions of the vehicle, which were different from each other in capacity (it varied from 1 to3.5 tonnes).

Externally, the Blitz is made in the spirit of its time and it does not stand out much. However, its uniqueness appears in small but remarkable details. For example, there is an ashtray of an unusual shape in the cabin, the hole for the manual starter is closed by a plug, the doors are equipped with a window lifter and visors.

Wooden details were used in the bodywork of the vehicle, that is why the Blitz is not distinguished as a strong one (many comlaints about the frame), and off-road was killing. One part of the trucks came with an electric starter, another part with a manual one. The engine also gave a lotof troublesas it was too sensitive to the quality of petrol.

The cabin of the truck is pretty cozy. But modern drivers will be confused by indicators and controls randomly located on the panel. The shape and location of the pedals are also inconvenient for use. While moving, high-speed engine operation should be kept, otherwise it will be hard to start moving. The four-speed gearbox is a pleasant surprise here – it is easy to change gears and it is user-friendly.

After the war the Soviet Union had a lot of trophy Opel Blitz trucks but they were not popular. To some extent, it was due to the emotional rejection of the enemy technical equipment, but it was mainly due to the conditions of destruction reigned in the country – trucks often broke down, it was irrational to repair this technically complex vehicle.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find this vehicle today, but you can always rent the modern Opel Astra.

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