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Car rental to travel to Canary Islands

Car rental to travel to Canary Islands

Traveling around the Canary Islands by rental car. This is an archipelago of seven islands of volcanic origin in the Atlantic Ocean. By the way, this is a birthplace of the canaries, therefore, there is a legend that the islands were named in honour of these birds.

The Canary Islands are the famous archipelago resort in the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy comfortable driving and beautiful beaches.

The only drawback is the necessity to move from one island to another.

Cheap car rental on Canary Islands

Having or renting a car is a necessity on the island. You can easily rent a car in any rental company You have to present:

  • Russian driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card.

Then rent a car and travel across the islands!

Авто в прокат на Канарских островах

Roads, rules, and drivers

Local roads are in good condition, but not heavily crowded. Traffic rules are similar to Russian. There are signs along all highways. There are speed limits:

  • in the hotel area - up to 30kmph;
  • in the city - 50kmph;
  • outside the city - 90kmph;
  • on highways - 120kmph.

Local drivers are very friendly.

We first visited the Tenerife island. In the main city on the island, make sure to visit the Auditorio de Tenerife concert hall and its avant-garde design. Moreover, there are beautiful Playa de las Teresitas Beach with no hotels at all. At the end of the day, we visited ended the Pueblo Chico park with miniatures of the islands. This's a good chance to get to know local nature and culture. We also walked around the Dragon Tree, which is considered one of the oldest trees on our planet.

After spending the morning on the beach, we moved to the Anaga mountains. We enjoyed driving on winding roads and looking at different gorges and valleys. Then we visited the Güímar pyramids – no one knows their real age.

On the third day, we drove to Mask Gorge along the northern coast. We also visited the Tanagana village. You can try local dishes and enjoy views of the ocean from the rocky shore.

There is a mountain road leading to the gorge. Drive safely and slowly because there are plenty of sharp turns and. Locals know a lot of pirate legends about these places.

At the exit of the gorge, we stopped on an observation deck to admire the panoramic view of Garachico.

Авто в прокат на Канарских островах

Next day, we moved to the south of the island. First, we visited the Teide National Park organized around a volcano. Lava drips formed unique landscapes which you often can see in different movies. There are many rock formations around the volcano: Finger of God, Queen's Slipper, and Los Roques de García.

The western slopes of the volcano go directly into the ocean. There is a 500-metre Los Gigantes rock, a small town, and plenty of beautiful beaches. This is fenced off from the rest of the world.

The Los Americas coast is located in the south of the National Park. There are the best beaches of the island. Then we drove to see eagles and monkeys in the park. You can even feed monkeys and play with them. Moreover, you can see lizards and crocodiles.

We moved from Tenerife to Gran Canaria to find cheap car rental.

In the centre of the island, there is the Roque Nublo natural monument. This is a complex of cliffs towering on the mountain peak.

Авто в прокат на Канарских островах

The Sahara Desert is close by – you can see the Maspalomas sand dunes and a towering lighthouse.

We drove from Maspalomas along the east coast to visit the Caldera de Bandama volcanic crater (800 m in diameter, 200 m in depth).

Next day, we spend time on the Playa de las Canteras beach which is protected by a natural dam from waves. In the evening, we drove to the main temple of the Canary archipelago, Church of San Juan Bauatista. Its delicate patterns were made from a difficult material such as lava stone.

Then we moved to the La Gomera island. There is the well from which Columbus collected water for his trip across the Atlantic Ocean. He prayed to the success of travel in the Church of the Ascension which was built in the beginning of the XV century. The Palatine Tower protected the island, which is well preserved these days.

In the centre of the island, there is the Garajonay National Park with laurel evergreen plants.

We finished our journey through the homeland of canaries and came back to Tenerife. We walked along the waterfront and swam in the sea. Then we went to the airport and flew home.

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