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Car rental to travel to Swiss German

Car rental to travel to Swiss German

Traveling to Swiss German by rental car to explore local waterfalls, forests, and mountains. There are plenty of beautiful lakes and places protected by UNESCO.

Most part of the country is considered DeutschSchweiz (aka Swiss German). This includes the east, north-west, central Switzerland, and the main Alpine part of the country.

There are a lot of beautiful places to see during a long trip by rental car. You'll find local cities interesting, too.

Is car rental cheap or expensive?

Switzerland is a country with high prices, especially for car rental service. To rent a car, you have to present:

  • international driver's licence;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.

Rules, roads, and drivers

Rules are mainly European. Speed limits are ordinary:

  • in the city – 50kmph;
  • outside the city – 80kmph;
  • on motorways – 100kmph;
  • on highways – 120kmph (but not lower than 80kmph).
Авто в прокат для поездок по «немецкой» Швейцарии

You have to horn in the daytime or blink with headlights in the dark while approaching to a sharp corner.

Roads are well maintained, and locals drive very carefully.

In the old part of Zurich, there are buildings of the XVI century. Moreover, there is the Cathedral of St. Peter with a 9-metre clock face which has a 4-metere minute hand. Nearby, there is the Benedictine Abbey founded in the IX century. This's indicated by another main church of the city, Fraumunster. This church is also known for its stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall. The third main church, Grossmünster, was found by Charlemagne. This's located in the privileged part of Zurich, in Small town.

Авто в прокат для поездок по «немецкой» Швейцарии

Then we drove to Lake Zurich to take a closer look on chalets located its shores and walk along its waterfront. Bu the way, residents take water from drinking from this lake.

We moved to St. Gallen, but we stopped and visited the beautifully preserved Kyburg castle of the XI century.

In St. Gallen, in the Abbey of St. Gall of the VII century, there is one of the oldest libraries in the world. It includes 170,000 books and manuscripts. Some of these are more than 2,700 years old. The monastery was one of the most influential monasteries in Europe for almost 1,000 years.

We drove along the shore of Lake Constance, through Baden and Basel. We also visited Rhine Falls. This's one of the largest (150 m) and full-flowing waterfalls in Europe. There is an observation deck on the rock. Moreover, there are several castles around the waterfall with observation decks, too.

In Basel, there is the town hall of the XVI century on the central market square. It's built from bright red brick, and it's richly decorated with paintings and sculptures. The Cathedral is also impressive. Since the VIII century, it has been repeatedly destroyed, but it's rebuilt these days. Another architectural attraction is the church of St. Elizabeth decorated with magnificent stained-glass windows. The 40-metre Spalentor is a mystery to everyone because its role in the city is unclear. Earlier there were seven gates like this. However, this's decorated with great taste. Spalentor is a landmark of the city.

Авто в прокат для поездок по «немецкой» Швейцарии

We drove from Basel to Bern and reached the mountainous part of DeutschSchweiz and Tal Nature Park. You can admire landscapes of Alps and ruins of the fortress.

The cathedral in Bern is the highest church in Switzerland. The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul is also impressive and breath-taking. The old historical part of Bern, founded in the XII century, is protected by UNESCO. The Tsaytglokenturm bell tower is a symbol of Switzerland.

We drove to Lucerne via Spiez and Stans along the lake. In these places, Suvorov stopped his Alpine breakthrough because of the Rimsky-Korsakov's defeat.

Mount Pilatus is located at the entrance to Lucerne. Its peak is covered with a "cap" of clouds.

In Lucerne, the old town, buildings of the XI century, and even the old fortress wall are carefully preserved. It was possible to save and the. The chapel bridge over the Reuss river is the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. Next to the bridge, there is the Jesuit Cathedral built in baroque style. This is the center of city events. Sometimes, it's used as a concert hall due to its excellent acoustics. One of the main tourist attractions is Lake Lucerne with pure water. We came back to Zurich to finish our journey. It's great that we had decided to rent a car – we got unforgettable memories!

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