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Audi TT and Volkswagen Golf GTI: which hatchback to rent?

Audi TT and Volkswagen Golf GTI: which hatchback to rent?

Both Ford and Audi might look similar at first. But they are a bit different. When renting a car, remember that the Golf is a good car for business meetings and for those who look for comfort not speed, and the Audi is for those who love speed.

Arriving in another town or city on business, you always wish to feel comfortable like at home. You can't do without a car.

It is not hard to rent a car in Moscow. Let's have a closer look at two popular hatchbacks — the Audi TT and front-drive Golf GTI.

At first sight, they are no different. Both were designed by the Volkswagen engineers. They use a 2.0-litre turbo engine and a robot gearbox. They are only different in roominess. The TT comes with two seats, the GTI — five. The two-seater TT is for those who prefer to travel all alone, but the GTI is designed to travel with a company.

ТТ or GTI?

The sports TT is designed for active people, particularly those who look for speed. The equipment available:

  • electric adjustable seats;
  • cruise control;
  • parking sensors on the rear bumper;
  • 17-inch wheels;
  • bright yellow colour of the body.

The car seems to be in futuristic style with all the lines and elements. Such a car can be hardly lost in the crowd and is recognisable in a city. The Golf is more classic, best for business meetings.

The cabin of the Volkswagen is plain and functional. It has a perfect balance between a business style and sporty aggressiveness. Rent Volkswagen and assess its interior. The cabin seems to be conservative without trendy features, but the cabin of the Audi is a real highlight of the car. It is stuffed with all sorts of devices and other electronic systems. This car strives for speed. When driving it, you don't even wish to slow down – 200hp strike. The Audi, as always, boasts stability on the road and noises are well isolated from the cabin. It consumes about 12 litres per 100km, the Golf consumes a bit more 12.5.

You can feel the drawbacks of the TT at a jagged drive. In traffic jams the transmission does not work properly and it is quite slow. The Golf remains true to its traditions and overcomes this test easily.

Both the Golf and Audi go well in turns. These cars are well kitted with a stability system. However, the GTI is different from the TT when turning again, it is a bit softer and more gentle. The TT is firmer in corners, so you can feel all imperfections of the road.

The Volkswagen uses a 2.0-litre engine, 220hp, accelerating to 100 in 6 seconds (it takes 5sec to TT).

The Golf shows good results in the ordinary mode. But it has the similar problems as the Audi in the eco and sports modes.

The boot of the Audi offers 305 litres, while the Golf offers 390.

To conclude, the makers of the Audi TT 2.0 quattro aim at young people, offering speed. Using the modes and capabilities of the car, you get incredible impressions and feelings. The engineers of the Golf GTI are aimed for comfort with a sports hint.

When choosing a rental car, select the very happy medium of comfort, quality and speed.

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