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Around Riga and Latvia by car

Around Riga and Latvia by car

Travelling in Latvia includes two different parts – the city of Riga and natural landscapes of the country.

Travelling in Latvia includes two different parts – the city of Riga and natural landscapes of the country.

There are a lot of rental companies in Latvia. It is not very expensive to rent a car. At the airport of Riga you can get a car and drive to the capital.

It will take a few days to see this beautiful city. Uf you are planning to drive, you should remember the speed limit in Riga – 50 km/h.

Also remember that all parking lots are paid. The cost depends on the zone (the price varies fr om 1 euro to 5 euros).

In Latvia it is allowed tohave 0.5 ppm of alcohol in the blood. If you exceed this number, you will be fined and disqualified fr om driving.

You should definitely start fr om the old part of the city. The Riga Cathedral is famous not only for its antiquity, excellent acoustics and organ, but also for the Museum of Navigation. Fr om there go along Jauniela Street, wh ere Sherlock Holmes and Dr. watson “lived”, wh ere was the house of Shtirlits’s messengers, you can go to the St. John and St. Peter’s church, which has an omservation deck. It is located on the Town Hall Square, wh ere is also the House of the Blackheads – a guild appeared in the 14 century.

По Риге и Латвии на автомобиле

Following fr om the Dome Square in the opposite direction you are on the Livu Square. There are the buildings of the Small and Great Guild Halls uniting merchants and craftsmen of the city since 13th century. The house with black hats “is funnily tied” to these buildings. In this part of the city there is the Powder Tower protecting it fr om the north and the Swedish Gate, the only gates which still have the original look. And in the place of the old fortifications there is a park at the Bastion Hill Parkand the boulevards ring – a large architectural ensemble, which includes the Natinal Theatre, the Art Museum, the Academy of Arts. And here is the city channel.

By a rented car you should drive along the embankment of the Daugava (daytime and at night) and look at the cable-stayed bridge and Riga Castle – the official residence of the President. The next point of the route – Sigulda. Here is a castle complex, which includes two castles: old (built in 13th century by teutonic knights) and new, Turaida Castle built in 13th century.

But the most interesting place is the Gauja National Park. It is situated among forests and it is known for its scenery: rivers, valleys, coniferous and deciduous forests. On the river of Gauja there are a lot of cliffs, caves and grottos. The most famous is Gutmana cave. On the walls of this cave you can see inscriptions like “ I was here” dating back to 18th century.

The road goes to the Gulf of Riga. In Latvia there are the following speed limits: Outside the city -90 km/h, on motorways – 120 km/h. if you travel by a rented car, you can drive along the coast to admire landscapes, sand dunes stopping to take pictures. But in the middle, in Jurmala you need to have a break.

По Риге и Латвии на автомобиле

In Latvia there are no toll roads, but you have to pay to enter Jurmala from April, 1 to September, 30. A single entrance costs 2 euros, but you can get a travel ticket (30 euros per a month). It is free on other dates.

Of course, the main interest of this resort is an opportunity to rest. But you can also find a few things to see. Mezotne Palace built on the design of Quarenghi and Dzintari district, wh ere you can find country houses of 19th and 20th centuries. And of course, white sand dune from wh ere you can see the surroundings.

Going further we turn to Ventspils. This city has one of the oldest castles built by the Livonian Order. But Ventsils cows are no less interesting – they are sculptures of a full-size cows appeared after Cow Parade. To go round them your rented car will be very useful.

If you travel with children, then remember that children under 14 and shorter than 150cm have to sit on the child seat. The driver and passengers have to fasten their seatbelts. You will have to pay a fine for this violation.

Do not forget about lower beam. In Latvia it has to be switched off at all times. If you need to refuel your car, then keep in mind that a litre of petrol costs 1.18 euros.

По Риге и Латвии на автомобиле

We leave the coast in Liepaja. Here in the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity there is the world’s largest mechanical organ. In the house of craftsmen there are the largest amber beads with a length of 120m and weight of 20kg.

This city got the status of a naval port and fortress from the Emperor Alexander III. Since then there is the military city with a palace. Before saying goodbye, sunbathe on the white sand of Liepaja.

Now we drive to Jelgava by a rented car. There is a palace which was commissioned by the Duke of Biron and built by Rastrelli. There is a park nearby.

There is one more work of Rastrelli – Rundale Palace and a large park in Bauska. Bauska arose around the castle built by the Livonian Order. This is the last point wh ere we finish our trip.

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