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Renting car in Argentina

Renting car in Argentina

Traveling by rental car isn’t a popular kind of holiday in Argentina so it can empty the pocket. Moreover, local drivers don’t follow road rules; therefore, be careful. But there are pleasant moments: natural beauty, amazing waterfalls and snow-white glaciers.

Explore the stunning nature and landscapes in Argentina by car.

On the one hand, Argentina is the Atlantic coast rolling into the Pacific Ocean near Tierra del Fuego. On the other hand, it’s the Andes mountain range. One auto trip is enough to see all the interesting places because the country is not that big.

Unfortunately, car rental service isn’t well developed in Argentina so renting is quite expensive. Moreover, getting to Tierra del Fuego is possible only through Chile. It requires a special permit which isn’t always likely available online.

After arriving in Buenos Aires and renting a car, you can explore the city while waiting for the permit from Chile. For example, you can drive to the main square, see the symbol of the city (the obelisk), visit the respectable Recoleta district or walk in the rose garden among 18,000 flowers. Then you can visit the Piloto glacier in the Chico bay.

Аргентина: прокат (аренда) авто

While driving, keep in mind the speed limits: 40-60kmph in the city, 100kmh outside the city, 130kmph on the highways. However, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Argentina, about 80% of the local drivers don’t know the traffic rules. Driving on unregulated intersections is unusual: drivers horn before getting into an intersection and then drive in order of horns.

We moved to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires. The main attraction there is the water tower of Scandinavian architecture which is unusual for Spanish-speaking Argentina. Also, there is a reserve for the sea lions. Crossing Chile along the Atlantic coast, we went to the southernmost city of the world, Ushuaia. It’s only 900km to Antarctica. There is the Tierra del Fuego national park which you can’t explore by car. The large colony of penguins impressed us the most.

Crossing Chile one more time, we went to the national road №40. Along the Andes, we went to the northern border of Argentina. Sometimes the road rises high that allows you to see the beauty and grandeur of the glaciers. Talking about the exciting views might be endless. Driving on the highest part of the world's longest mountain range is one of the memorable moments. Of course, you can’t experience it without a rental car.

During the long trips around Argentina, you should constantly pay attention to the petrol stock and fill up at the first opportunity. We stopped in El Calafate and then went to the Los Glaciares national park which is known for its 47 glaciers. The Perito Moreno is the biggest. The snow-white glaciers, crystal-clear water and huge rocks make a colour palette from the sky blue to the sea shade.

Continuing along the Andes, we reached Salta. The Cathedral there is considered a national treasure. For us, Salta was a base for trips by rental car. We made the first trip to the Los Cardones national park at altitudes of 2500-5000 metres. There are the Cardon cactuses reaching 3 metres high.

Аргентина: прокат (аренда) авто

Our second trip was to the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley which was located on the former Inca trade route. There are traces of settlements more than 10,000 years old. The rocks around create unusual colour combinations.

Afterwards, we moved to the Salinas Grandes salt flats which are considered one of the biggest in the world. The salt surface at the bottom of the dry lake sparkles in the sun. Finally, we visited the Gorge Amphitheatre near Cafayate. It seems as if its ideal rock shapes were made by hand. What great acoustics there!

Аргентина: прокат (аренда) авто

Along the northern border of Argentina, we moved to the Iguazu national park. There are unique waterfalls: The Mocon, The Adam and Eve and The Three Musketeers. The 80-meter-high Gargantua del Diablo waterfall with the highest flow is one of the longest waterfalls in the world. All of them are surrounded by jungle. The sprays and iridescent glow create colourful effects complemented by a unique sound. To get a sightseeing tour, we took a train on the specially built railway.

We ended our trip in Buenos Aires. It’s better to return the rental car where you picked it up. Otherwise, the price for car rental service might be significantly higher.

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