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Renting a Bora Volkswagen: healthy rationalism

Renting a Bora Volkswagen: healthy rationalism

Volkswagen Bora is a good European sedan of neat design, moderate and not repelling in proportions. Let's take the car rental.

What is the ideal car in the eyes of a family man? Comfortable, spacious and easy to maintain.

German Bora is sure to be the one. Let's take the car rental.


Volkswagen Bora is a good European sedan of neat design, moderate and not repelling in proportions. Someone might come forward to reproach the "German" for the lack of style and elegance. Anyway, the rest is flawless.


The vehicle interior leaves an ambiguous impression. A strict architecture and quality assembly combined with a poor ergonomic decision is not what people expect the "Volkswagen" to be. The air conditioner unit, for instance, is very low to reach to adjust the temperature; the shift lever in reverse or an odd gear hampers activation of the desired functions. Large clear marks on the dashboard are poorly readable at night due to the red scales, making a contrast with a bluish illumination of the general panel. Peculiarities - compactly arranged the pedals are small in size – driving in winter shoes, you can face some inconveniences.

The driver's seat is wonderfully profiled and quite convenient though not intended for active driving, it will not make you feel tired on a long-distance ride. The rear seat is only hospitable for two passengers, besides if you’re above 180cm your knees may bump into the backs of the front seats. The luggage compartment of 455 liters rests on gas shock absorbers that allow loading the full trunk.

Technical specifications and performance

«Volkswagen Bora aggregates:

  • Т1.8 liter turbocharged engine. Motor capacity 150 HP
  • Five-speed manual transmission.

The turbo engine capabilities of a car having 1298 kg of the curb weight are over the top. Of course, the car performance is far from being mind-blowing, but Bora is easy-to-drive at overtaking (even delayed) and maneuvering in city traffic. At low revs, a certain turbo lag occurs, but speeding up brings in a tangible thrust, which pushes the car sharply forward. The gears are shifted clearly and accurately.

The dirigibility is more of reliable than hot-tempered. Sure, you can try to pass quickly by a turn given that the banks are relatively small. But in the apex the front axle straightens the trajectory moving the car outward. Excellent reaction of the steering wheel allows you to control each centimeter of the intended course, turning its low sensitivity into a benefit when moving at high speeds - car steadily keeps the specified course with no drifts.

Long-travel suspension having a good energy absorption capacity is well suited for severe roads. The ride smoothness remains adequate even on large potholes; letting the minimum of vibrations reach inside the car. But the soundproofing is not very good - the engine is distinctly audible in the cabin in any mode of operation, as well as the background noise from the road.

Car rental results

Despite all the drawbacks "Volkswagen Bora" is a great family car. It’s good for long-distance travels and holiday family rest. The frisky engine provides safe maneuvering on the track, while the hardy suspension makes you feel comfortable.

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