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Rent car from B+ class: Ford Fiesta against Volkswagen Polo

Rent car from B+ class: Ford Fiesta against Volkswagen Polo

The short review of the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta. The first one is well suited for family trips or big groups of people. The second one is designed mostly for loners.

Driving around Moscow, we mainly see the Korean cars on the roads. The Rio and Solaris models run the show in a budget car class. Forget the grey mass and greet the new Fiesta and Polo!

Let's discuss their characteristics and highlights. These cars are complete opposites. The Fiesta's body looks like a fish's body. The Polo design is austere and straightforward. Both the cars are very attractive.

The Ford sedan attracts the attention by its unusual colour, the Copper Plus. Its design is memorable, especially the front part of the car. But the rear part of the German car looks better.

The updated Polo is a classic car. It looks a bit similar to the Passat, but it doesn't spoil the impression of the car.

To rent a car, we chose the top package: the Highline (Volkswagen) and the Titanium (Ford). They cost 800,000 roubles and 900,000 roubles respectively. The technical characteristics of both cars are at a high-level. Here are a few differences between the cars:

  • Fiesta: a keyless entry system, power-folding mirrors, the Sony speakers, and a multimedia system;
  • Polo: front parking sensors;
  • Fiesta and Polo: Cold Weather Package, Climate Control System, rear parking sensors, ESP, and others.

The prices of the standard packages are just above 500,000 roubles. There are ABS, airbags for the driver and the front passenger, and the height and reach adjustment for the steering wheel. Also, it includes a 90bhp engine and a manual transmission.

However, the interiors of the two cars are very different. The Ford Fiesta can boast of with its soft material on the dashboard and its modern design. There is only one complaint about the Sinc multimedia system: the navigation inconvenient on a small 4" screen.

Volkswagen didn't add anything new to the interior. It's simple, and everything is made from a rigid material. The new steering wheel brought a bit of freshness to the classic Polo.

On the road, the Ford sedan wins against its opponent in most situations because it has:

  • an obedient steering wheel;
  • good adhesion performance of a coating (Michelin tyres);
  • frisky start;
  • a good suspension;
  • smooth robotized transmission.

We tested both cars; now it's time to announce the results. The cheerful Ford Fiesta isn't designed for a family trip. Only front passengers will feel comfortable in its cabin because the rear seat isn't convenient. Moreover, only two rear passengers can comfortably fit in the car. On the contrary, you well feel much better in the Polo – it takes care of each passenger. There are a lot of small and useful details in the cabin. However, the rental prices aren't high, so you can try both cars and draw your own conclusion.

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