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Rent Renault Kangoo – European commercial vehicle

Rent Renault Kangoo – European commercial vehicle

The review of the Renault Kangoo – a spacious and comfortable car. Rental prices are low, so you can rent and experience this model for yourself. However, its engine is a bit weak, so you won't be able to experience active driving.

The Renault Kangoo is very popular on the market of the Old World. This commercial van has retained its high position of sales for many years.

However, before renting a car, it would be better to get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages. But remember that there is no an ideal car in the world.


The appearance of the Renault Kangoo is unusual. The French people are famous for their unconventional way of thinking, especially when it concerns the design of cars. This model looks unusual due to its smooth lines of the body, grille radiator with a large logo and fancy headlights. This design isn’t for everyone although those buy a car like this don’t pay attention to its exterior.


They prefer a comfortable and functional interior. That’s why they choose the Renault. The dashboard with large instrument readings is easily readable. The air conditioner is located on the centre console, and it’s very easy to use it. On the top of the dashboard, there is a display, but its font is really small, so it’s difficult to read any information. The parking brake lever with a massive handle looks like a flight lever. The plastic for the dashboard and panels is hard and cheap, but the upholstery of seats is made from good materials. The material perfectly supports the driver although the lateral support isn’t that good.

However, the uncomfortable seats aren’t such a big disadvantage in contrast with its poor visibility. Firstly, the front pillars are very wide, so there are large blind spots on the diagonal. Secondly, the wiper brushes are too short, so the visibility is poor when it's raining. Thirdly, the rear-view mirrors are too small. It’s sad to say that driving the Renault Kangoo is slightly uncomfortable.

A standard volume of the cargo compartment is 3 cubic metres. You can increase it if you fold the front passenger seat. According to its official technical characteristics, its loading height is 609 mm, and its width is 636 mm. The rear doors open at 180 degrees making the loading process easy.

Technical specifications

The Renault Kangoo is equipped with a turbo diesel power plant and a 5-speed manual transmission. The 1,465 cubic cm motor outputs 86bhp. The torque is 200Nm.

To be honest, the engine’s capacity isn’t enough for the car which weight is 1,333 kg. The accelerator pedal is a bit damped. The transmission with short gear ratios compensates the mediocre dynamics, but the clarity of switching is poor. Sometimes, you can’t switch the gears immediately.

Handling is predictable. The car predictably rolls in corners, but the banks aren’t large. The driving is smooth; you’ll hardly feel any bumps. But the body might be shaking when the car is fully loaded.

Let's sum up

The Renault Kangoo is good as a commercial vehicle. It has a large and convenient cargo compartment. Its interior is interesting, too. This car might cope with most of the tasks, but the diesel engine’s capability is limited.


  • spacious and convenient cargo compartment;
  • interesting interior;
  • comfortable suspension;
  • cheap car rental.


  • poor visibility;
  • weak engine;
  • transmission works regularly.

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