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Rental Nissan Tiida - impersonal but safe car

Rental Nissan Tiida - impersonal but safe car

The review of the Nissan Tiida – comfortable and simple car. Its appearance is very attractive; however, the car is a bit slow. The interior is ordinary, but handling is excellent.

We rented the Nissan Tiida without a driver to drive to evaluate its advantages. Frankly speaking, we're a little bit disappointed with this model.

In this review, we will share our memories about the Nissan Tiida with you.


Do you want to be invisible in the stream of cars on the road? So, choose this car! The model looks nice - it has smooth body lines and LED optics. It's very attractive car, but it doesn't leave a trace in memory. For example, the Nissan Sentra excites the imagination, but this hatchback leaves only a fleeting impression.


To be honest, the interior design is ordinary, not remarkable, and even a little banal. But it's pretty spacious. Even tall passengers will feel comfortable in the cabin.

The designers did their best on the cabin. There are:

  • place for glasses;
  • cup holders for rear passengers;
  • convenient arrangement of devices;
  • a big trunk (307 litres).

In general, the car is very comfortable, but this is not a car of the premium segment. You can increase the trunk if you fold the rear seat back. But the floor isn't smooth because there is do a typical step in the cabin.

Now, let's pay attention to details. For example, there is no any symbol on the button of the window raiser. It seems that the manufacturers also saved money on the automatic lifting. It's only on the left side.

Technical characteristics

The car is equipped with 1.6-litre, 117bhp engine. With the CVT, you can't drive at high speed or easily overtake other cars. According to official data, you can cover 0-100kmph only 11.3 seconds. Moreover, the acceleration is accompanied by the roar of the CVT.

However, the suspension is excellent. The car overcomes all the obstacles very well and turns without banks. You can turn on your favourite audiobook and enjoy smooth driving.

The Nissan Tiida is beautiful, comfortable, and unhurried car. Low rental price is its another advantage. In addition, the car is economical – only 10 litres per 100 km in the city. The Nissan Tiida will be well suited to those who are never in a hurry, prefer casual driving, and don't like racing.

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