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Which sedan is better to rent: Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo?

Which sedan is better to rent: Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo?

Here's a competitive review of the Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo. Which model is better to rent for daily use? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? Let's figure it out.

The segment of B class sedans grows rapidly, and new players appear. One of the newcomers is a four-door Ford Fiesta.

Can it successfully confront the leader of the class, Volkswagen Polo? Renting of these cars in Moscow is cheap. Let's do it to try the models!


The Volkswagen Polo tries to be like his older brother, Passat. And it can do it. Strict body lines, chrome elements, and conservative design make the car look good and harmonious. The trunk is successfully integrated into the five-door body, and it doesn't look like a foreign element.

But the four-door Ford Fiesta doesn't look nice. Inflated body with lights a la Mondeo looks ridiculous. The front part is very aggressive. Perhaps, this is that case when restyling of the hatchback is unsuccessful. Even expressive body lines and nice wheels don't save the situation.


When it comes to the interior, the Fiesta is preferable. The front panel is more modern and spectacular. There is a color multimedia screen that displays readings of the navigation system and other settings. Finishing materials are also good.

The Polo's interior is boring. There is a typical dashboard and center console. Finishing materials aren't good – there is hard plastic, but the assembly is not that bad. The most remarkable part is a three-spoke steering wheel with an insert made of glossy plastic. This steering wheel is convenient and nice.

A driver will feel more comfortable in the Fiesta than in the Polo. There is a good lateral support, so you won't get tired during a long journey. However, there is a spacious rear seat in the Polo, so even three passengers can easily fit there. The leg room is also spacious. The trunks are similar: the Ford has 455 liters, the Volkswagen has 460 liters. But the German car has smaller lid hinges and a wider gap.

Driving performance

Ford Fiesta is equipped with:

  • a 1.6-liter, 120bhp engine;
  • PowerShift robotised transmission.

Volkswagen Polo is equipped with:

  • a 1.6-liter, 105bhp engine;
  • an automatic transmission.

The dynamics of the Ford Fiesta is impressive, so it doesn't leave any chance to its opponent. The Volkswagen Polo accelerates slower. The robotized gearbox switches the gears quickly.

The Polo is also dynamic in city traffic. It starts from the spot lightly and quickly, and the automatic transmission works smoothly. But the engine's sound might be annoying during a long journey.

In corners, the Fiesta behaves recklessly, and it has predictable reactions. Small banks and high stability of the arc will allow you to drive at high speed in corners. The Volkswagen Polo has good handling, but it isn't designed for active driving because of understeer and diagonal buildup. The German car has a higher level of comfort and an energy-intensive suspension. While driving the Ford, you'll feel all small potholes on roads.


The Ford Fiesta is ahead the Volkswagen Polo. The Fiesta is a youth car that can give you a lot of positive emotions. The Polo is a much more comfortable car, therefore, it’s better for daily renting.

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