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Do you rent Gazelle for work? Buy the biodiesel one!

Do you rent Gazelle for work? Buy the biodiesel one!

This is a review of the Gazelle Buisness as a commercial vehicle. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Our test drive will show all of them.

The Gazelle is a car which has been tested by time and roads. GAZ Group has made it for more than ten years.

We won't describe the test drive pf the Gazelle this time. Let's talk about the version which has great potential as a commercial vehicle. So, we decided to rent Gazelle without driver, and then we got the keys and started our journey!

A short description

Restyling has been completed by 2010, and the model got its name - Business. The car was improved; however, it's our subjective opinion. You can read both negative and positive reviews. The car got plenty foreign details, but we don't know yet it's good or not.

So, we have the cargo-modification of the Business GAZ-2705 with the UMZ-421647 engine. This is an "omnivorous" engine: it drinks both petrol and gasoline (not regular gasoline but the compressed natural gas).


On the roads, the Gazelle cars are familiar for any driver, so people usually don't pay a lot of attention to them. The exterior design isn't its competitive advantage. The design is simple, and the car has:

  • plastic bumper and radiator grille;
  • white colour;
  • two headlights;
  • cylinders for gas.

The cylinders "feed" the UMZ-421647CNG engine with the compressed natural gas. Fuel is immiscible like in other diesel modifications: it's always either petrol or gas.

The car is equipped with a spring dependent suspension. It's simple and democratic, and it's the best solution for the car to the frame.


The interior is plain without any luxuries: a steering wheel, seats, and boxes for things look comfortable and simple. There is a separate box for documents which is an important thing for cargo companies which use a lot of papers for their work. The cabin is trimmed with plastic, and there are plenty necessary buttons. four or three passengers can easily fit in the second row of seats with a great comfort. Moreover, there is a sunroof which is a really surprised part for this type of car.

We sat behind the steering wheel and understood straight away that there was no comfort at all. The one question comes to mind: "How can people drive this car for work for the whole day?". The devices are green, and all the information is easily readable. This is one of the advantages of this model.

Driving characteristichs

We drove around the city to examine the dynamics of the engine. Actually, our goal was to evaluate driving on petrol and gas. Is there any difference between them? Handling is decent and pleasant. We switched it in both modes, but there was no difference at all. Maybe the acceleration became a bit slower, and the engine's noise was quieter. However, we should note that using alternative fuel is an economical and practical solution.

To sum up:

  • fuel economy;
  • easy dual-fuel system;
  • there are no enough gas stations;
  • if you have a lot of cylinders, you'll be able to easily find a gas station;
  • customers keep buying cars with biofuel, so new CNG stations keep opening;
  • rental prices for the Gazelle without driver are low.

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