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Rent Ford Tourneo Custom – mobile office

Rent Ford Tourneo Custom – mobile office

The review of the Ford Tourneo Custom – a comfortable minibus with good handling and a powerful engine. However, the quality of materials is poor. Moreover, there are small banks while driving in corners.

This minibus stands out from its competitors. Ford didn't follow the traditions of this class and chose its own way.

And what's is the result? Let's rent a car to arrange everything in orderly pigeonholes.


The famous proverb 'Appearance is everything' is very appropriate to this utilitarian minibus. Indeed, those who choose a car like this, first pay attention to its practicality, not to its design. However, the Ford is very attractive. The car looks good due to its powerful front bumper and elongated headlights.


The design of the front panel is quite modern. It looks like the Focus's console because it has the same display under the top and buttons to control the media system. The dashboard is also well organized. There is a large color onboard computer, so you won't be bored while driving.

The ergonomics is really good. All control elements are within a touch, and the steering wheel with four spoke is convenient. But the quality of materials is poor. The plastic is hard, and it isn't pleasure to touch the leather steering wheel. Also, there are cup holders near the front pillars and a niche for small things on the dashboard. But the glove box is flimsy.

The front seats are convenient, and any driver will feel comfortable behind the wheel. The rear seats look posh, and it's a great pleasure to sit in the cabin. By the way, you can assemble the seats in different ways to increase the volume of the trunk. Its volume is 922 liters, but if you fold the rear seats, it can be increased up to 3,621 liters. However, there are a few disadvantages. For example, the sliding electric door isn't available even for a surcharge. It's a bit frustrating considering the high car's price.

Driving performance

The Ford Torneo Custom is equipped with a 2.2-liters, 122bhp turbo diesel engine. Despite its low capacity, the torque is 350Nm. There is a 6-speed manual transmission.

The acceleration dynamic is impressive. The Ford accelerates quickly up to 110kmph. The engine has a quick response to the accelerator pedal. The transmission has short strokes and precise inclusions.

Handling of the minibus is excellent. The banks are small, and the resistance at the arc is good. Steering is sensitive and informative. It's a pleasure to drive this car because its behavior on roads is completely predictable.

Driving comfort isn't bad, but the suspension is stiff, so passengers might feel significantly shaking while driving on bad roads. However, the driving is still smooth because the spring struts are very energy-intensive.

The result of renting

The Ford Torneo Custom is a decent offer in the van class. The car differs from its competitions. The interior is well-organized, and it has good driving characteristics. The most likely contender is the Volkswagen Multivan, but it has a high price. Therefore, the Torneo has a good chance to become a leader in its class.


  • a driver's seat is well organized;
  • comfortable seats;
  • large trunk and different opportunities to transforme the cabin;
  • powerful engine;
  • accurate transmission's work;
  • good handling.


  • poor quality of finishing materials;
  • no electric rear door (even for surcharge);
  • it shakes while driving.

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