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Rent Ford EcoSport, KIA Soul, Peugeot 2008 for a detailed test drive

Rent Ford EcoSport, KIA Soul, Peugeot 2008 for a detailed test drive

Before buying a car it is better to rent it first for a test drive. We have tested Ford EcoSport, KIA Soul, Peugeot 2008 and concluded that Ford EcoSport is great on off road, KIA Soul for a city ride and Peugeot 2008 on highways.

Before a purchase of a crossover, it would be a good idea to take a test-drive of all the vehicles among which you are going to choose. A simple test-drive is not enough to estimate all characteristics- you can’t judge impartially.

Outside the Ford looks very impressive, but inside it’s occurred to be uncomfortable. The front seats are narrow though provide comfortable, high seating and an opportunity to use everything easily. The backseats can «house» only two passengers. A high position of the seat is comfortable for legs but doesn’t leave much space for a head. A spacious trunk is high but not long enough.

The dashboard is not satisfactory. The same we can say about the windscreen wiper. There is a lot of uncleaned space.

A one-zone heating leaves the space where left leg gets cold.

Renting of Ford shows a good take-off but after reaching 60km/h it gathers speed slowly. And generally speaking, the automatic transmission does not work well enough. Driving along the straight line is uncertain, however, it handles the corners well. While turning the vehicle can tilt a little because of its high centering. But at the same time it has a high clearance.

The Kia test-drive has shown that this plain car has a well-equipped salon. The Kia Soul is bigger and more comfortable, back seats are spacious enough for three passengers.

The trunk isn’t big but has three cases under the bottom. For the driver there is good visibility, a well-equipped dashboard and three regimes of the power steering. During the change of speed, the gearbox works fluently. All in all, the vehicle runs dynamically. On a motorway it maneuvers well, but can be «nervous» on a meandering or rough road. The clearance is 164 mm with low-profile tires it needs attention handling the road irregularities.

The Peugeot is low-slung. The seats are not comfortable enough: there is space under loins. On the back seats there is not enough space for legs so knees rest against the front seats. The trunk on the contrary is very comfortable in its size, shape and height. The cabin is well-equipped but not impressive.

The visibility from the vehicle is good. But the 4-speed automatic transmission is an old-fashioned one. The car runs well either along the straight road or in corners.

After these test-drives, we made our own opinions about these three vehicles:

  • the Kia Soul is good for driving in a city;
  • the Peugeot 2008 is comfortable for driving on a highway;
  • if you are going to be off the road, the Ford EcoSport is for you.

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