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Rent Chevrolet Lanos to see its main advantages

Rent Chevrolet Lanos to see its main advantages

Here's a review of the Chevrolet Lanos – a practical car with a good engine. This is a good model for driving in the city. Due to the cheap car rental in Moscow, you can try this model for yourself.

The B segment isn’t diverse although it gets new cars from time to time, mainly from China.

However, the main cars are Korean (KIA, Hyundai), European (Volkswagen, Renault), and Russian (AvtoVAZ). A foreign second-hand car is more expensive than a Russian one. If you don’t want to buy VAZ, there is a worthy alternative – the Chevrolet Lanos. Car rental without a driver is quite cheap in Moscow.


The Lanos can’t be called a beautiful car. However, compared to the first generation of Logan and Chinese car, the Chevrolet’s body is very trigged. But its plain headlights and smooth lines look a bit old-fashion. However, the car looks very harmonious on roads, and it doesn’t cause any negative feelings.


The analog dashboard with large, white letters on a black background is perfectly readable. The steering wheel doesn’t cover the readings due to its large diameter. However, it’s not convenient to use while driving – it slips from hand. Air conditioning is conveniently organized and clear. The heater is good, but it’s a bit cold in the cabin when it’s below -25 outside. Thin pillars provide good visibility. It could be better if there are larger side mirrors. However, it’s easy to install them by yourself.

Front seats are flat, and there is no lateral support. It’s uncomfortable to sit because they are too soft. That’s why you might feel tired and uncomfortable during a long journey. The rear seat is narrow, and the leg room isn’t spacious, too. The trunk is 322 liters, and it’s equipped with a convenient loading area and small lid hinges.

Driving performance

The Lanos is equipped with:

  • a 1.5-liter,86bhp atmospheric engine;
  • a 5-speed manual transmission.

The engine is high-torque, and its dynamic qualities are enough to drive on city roads. On highways, the car can hardly overtake a truck at 110kmph. However, you can use even cheap petrol that is a great advantage for those who live in villages. The manual transmission doesn’t always work well and clear.

The suspension isn’t designed for high speeds. At high speeds, the car drives unstable. In corners, there are large banks and understeering. The level of comfort is high due to long strokes and a good power consumption. You can drive smoothly even on bad roads, but you don’t exceed the speed. Otherwise, you might feel strong shocks and vibration.

The result of car rental

What can the Chevrolet Lanos attract consumers? It doesn’t have great advantages, but it’s a good, reliable car. It can easily drive on bad roads, and its soundproofing is better than the VAZ models have. Therefore, the Lanos can be considered a worthy alternative to Russian models.

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