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Rent BMW X1 (F84) – new perspective

Rent BMW X1 (F84) – new perspective

The review of the BMW X1 (F84) – a powerful car with attractive design and good handling. However, it has poor visibility. Also, rental prices for this model are really high.

The first BMW X1 generation was very popular in Europe but only till the moment the Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA arrived.

We can see some BMW X1's compared to its competitors – outdated design and poor quality of finishing materials. That's why the Bavarians decided to release a new generation of the model. Will the new X1 overshadow its 'enemies'? And is it worth renting a car?


The exterior of the X1 (F84) looks dynamic and fresh (like the BMW X5 and X3). At the same time, the smallest X looks more advantageous from some angles than its older 'brothers'. The small body of the X1 and its low height are associated with a high hatchback more than with an SUV.


The interior of the BMW won’t impress real fans of the brand. The usual center console and dashboard don’t cause any positive emotions. However, the air conditioner unit looks different – its font and labels' color changed. The quality of finishing materials came to a new level – panels perfectly fit each other, and the plastic is very soft. The previous model had harder plastic. The visibility is poor because the front pillars are wide and rearview mirrors are small. Moreover, the rear window is narrow.

However, the seats of the BMW are always great. There is an anatomically adjusted profile and good lateral support. You won't feel tired during a long journey. Due to the large range of adjustments, you adjust the driver's seat as you wish. The rear seat can be moved in the longitudinal direction by 13 cm. Moreover, you can change an angle of the backrest.

Technical specifications

The X1 (F84) is equipped with a 2-litre, 192bhp diesel engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Its capacity is enough for driving both in the city and on highways. An impressive thrust up to 4800rpm allows you to actively maneuver on roads and abruptly accelerate. The automatic transmission works quickly and smoothly, and short gear ratios keep the engine in a 'good shape'.

Handling of the BMW is excellent. The current generation, as well as the first one, is equipped with a front-wheel-drive system, and the rear wheels can be connected by the Haldex clutch in case of slippage. However, steering is neutral. Stability is low, and the demolition of the front axle is predictable. But there are large banks that might scare an inexperienced driver. However, they don't affect the car's behavior.

At the same time, the suspension is very hard, so you have to slow down even on minor bumps. But driving comfort isn’t good, so you might feel uncomfortable while driving.

Let's sum up

The BMW X1 (F84) is an interesting car. Due to its attractive design, functional cabin, and excellent driving performance, this car is a good ‘player’ in the compact SUV class. However, its driving comfort concedes its main competitors.


  • design;
  • interior ergonomics;
  • high-quality materials;
  • high-torque diesel engine and rapid-transmissionя;
  • good handling.


  • poor visibility;
  • jolty suspension;
  • car rental prices aren't low.

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