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Car rental without driver: from Tashkent to Three Wells

Car rental without driver: from Tashkent to Three Wells

Traveling around Uzbekistan by rental car. This is a country of ancient cities of the Silk Road and the birthplace of Tamerlane. Local ancient monuments and architecture amazes tourists from around the world.

Names of some cities and countries always cause persistent associations. For example, Tashkent is known as Lucrative City. Moreover, we will travel to Samarkand and Bukhara this time.

Also, Uzbekistan is one of the countries which compete for the right to be called the birthplace of Hodja Nasreddin.

Car rental without driver

Car rental companies in Tashkent like to offer the Chevrolet for rent. However, the rental prices are European. We chose the Lacetti. To rent a car, you need to present:

  • driver's licence and passport;
  • credit card with enough funds for a deposit.
Аренда автомобилей без водителя: из Ташкента к трем колодцам

After getting a car, we decided to drive around the city for a while.

Roads, rules, and drivers

Traffic rules in Uzbekistan are based on the International Convention. But there are some differences:

  • higher speed limits (in the city – 70kmph, outside the city – 100kmph);
  • while driving outside the city, drivers have to keep distance to other vehicles to let an overtaking car to return to the same lane or line.

Drivers are quite polite, but they like to communicate using a horn.

Tashkent was noticeably rebuilt after an earthquake in 1966. A large square of Friendship of Peoples was established that time. There is a concert hall now, the parliament building, a monument of Alisher Navoi, and madrasah. Not far away, there is the main square of Independence, where official ceremonies take place from time to time.

The Hazrat Imam is located in the city centre. It includes churches, monuments, mausoleums, and tombs of great people of the country.

The foundation of the Juma Mosque was built in the IX century. These days, we see a new construction.

Near the Hazrat Imam, there are two madrasas: Barak Khan Madrassah and Muyi Muborak Madrassah of the XVI century. Actually, the last one is considered as a belonging of Hazrat Imam. In the library, there are the Quran translations and samples of Arabic calligraphy. However, the most important things are the Koran of Caliph Othman and hair from Prophet Muhammad's head.

We moved from the holy places to the recently the newly rebuilt Chorsu bazaar, where we bought fruits and treats.

Then we drove to Samarkand. This is one of the greatest Muslim cities. This city and its surrounding area are worthy of a separate trip.

Аренда автомобилей без водителя: из Ташкента к трем колодцам

The Home Registan Square of the XV-XVII centuries, which was used by Tamerlane to collect troops, was rebuilt by his famous grandson, Ulugbek, into the Square of Sciences. The Ulugbek Madrasah of the XV century, Sher Dor, Tillya Kari (XVII century), the mausoleum of Shaybanids, and the Chorsu trading dome of the XV century create a unique architectural ensemble.

Near the square, there is the Mosque Bibi Khanum of the XV century, which was recently completely restored. It's famous for its 18-metre-high entrance arch, 30-metre-high dome, and rich internal and external decorations. The complex of buildings of the mosque is considered one of the most beautiful Muslim structures in the world.

Then we drove to the Cathedral of St. Alexis. It's an Orthodox church which is located in one of the centres of Muslim culture. Our first day in Samarkand came to an end.

On the second day, we took a tour around the local mausoleum.

The remains of formidable Tamerlane is in the Gur-e-Amir. This mausoleum is characterized with a majestic simplicity. The Rukhabad mausoleum of the XIV century and the Ak-Saray mausoleum create an ensemble. The first mausoleum protects the grave of Sheikh Burhaneddin Klych Sagardji, who was a theologian, scholar, and preacher.

Аренда автомобилей без водителя: из Ташкента к трем колодцам

The mausoleum of Khoja Abdi Darun, a Muslim lawyer and a wise man who lived in the IX century, is a major pilgrimage centre in Uzbekistan. It was built in the XII century. This simply decorated building is located on a shore of the local pond.

The mausoleum of Khoja Doniyor, which was built at the behest of Tamerlane, is a special monument in the city. He brought a hand of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic prophet, Daniel, from Susa.

In the southern suburbs of Samarkand, there is the mausoleum of Khoja Ahror Wali, a former prominent face of the Timurid Empire.

Then we moved to the northern suburbs, where an ensemble of mausoleums of Shahi Zinda is located. This is a street with tombs of local government and nobility. There is the mausoleum of the Prophet Muhammad's cousin, Kusama ibn Abbas.

Afterward, we visited the mausoleum of Imam Al-Bukhari, which was located 30 km north of Samarkand. These beautiful and majestic buildings were built in the memory of the great preacher. Now it's one of the main pilgrimage centers.

We started the third day with a trip to hills, under which the ancient Sogdian capital Marakanda is hidden. Then we went to the banks of the river to visit the Zarafshan nature reserve. There is also a mausoleum (XV century) of the mysterious saint Chupan-Ata, which was known as a "father of shepherds».

We moved to Bukhara. The old town, where Nasreddin Hodja rode a donkey, is protected by UNESCO. Many rulers built madrassas here starting from Ulugbek. The central object is Poi Kalyan which includes a mosque, Kalyan minaret of the XII century, and Miri-Arab of the XVI century.

There is a citadel which is raised by 20 metres. It was founded by Siyavush, one of the heroes of the Shahnameh. Moreover, Omar Khayyam lived in this city.

The most difficult part of our route was the road from Kyzylkum to Uchkuduk. The lifeless Ustyurt plateau is located in these red sands. While driving a car, be careful and pay attention to the road.

After visiting Three Wells, we came back to Tashkent, where we had taken our rental car without a driver.

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