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Rent car for traveling around Peru

Rent car for traveling around Peru

Traveling around Peru by rental car – it's easy and fun! Don't use public transport because it's too crowded. A rental car is a right decision to explore this amazing country.

Peru is famous due to the ancient Inca civilization. The basis of its economy is fishing and processing of anchovies.

Car rental and our route

Traveling around the country by public transport is uncomfortable because there are too many people in a bus. In addition, the speed of local trains and buses is low. Therefore, if you're above 25, it's better to rent a car. You'll need an international driver's license, money and insurance.

Аренда авто и путешествие по Перу

Rental offices are located at the airport. They are opened 24/7.

Peruvian traffic rules are similar to Russians. You have to remember:

  • when visibility is poor (in the evening and at night) you have to use dipped beam;
  • all passengers have to use seat belts;
  • a driver can't use the mobile phone while driving (it's unlikely you'll get a fine, but roads are difficult and drivers are fast);
  • you have to use winter tires while driving in the mountains in winter (also, it's recommend to use chains;
  • a driver is considered drunk when there is 0.5 ppm in their blood;
  • limited speed on country roads is up to 90kmph, in the settlements - 60kmph.

We created a route to visit all the interesting places. We drove from Lima to Puno along the coast road through Pisco, Nazca and Arekino. Puno is located on Lake Titicaca. From Puno, we came back through Cusco, Huancavelica and Oroyu. The length of our route was about 2,000 km. We also stopped in some hotels that are pretty good in Peru.

Аренда авто и путешествие по Перу

Tourist attractions

In the capital, there are a few interesting museums: Museum of Gold, Museum of Art, and Museum of Antiquities with an extensive private collection. Also, you can see a bullfight, try paragliding or surfing.

Аренда авто и путешествие по Перу

On the route to Lake Titicaca, we also saw a lot of interesting places. Huge images of people and animals are located in the vicinity of Nazca. Their origin is unknown.

Lake Titicaca is famous for its dozens of man-made islands of reeds. Colorful Indigenous festivals occur in its surrounding. At the end of the last century, some ancient buildings were found at the bottom of the lake.

On the way back, we visited the lost city of the Incas that had been found by Europeans at the beginning of the last century. It's on a mountaintop, so it's completely invisible from the mountain's foot. We came back Back to Lima where we had taken our rental car without a driver. Our traveling around Peru came to an end, so we had to come back home.

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