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Admiration for Audi A4

Admiration for Audi A4

Test drive for the Audi A4 – a reliable, well-assembled and beautiful car

The classic German sedan has a respectable appearance and perfect balance between price and quality, sportiness and comfort, intelligence and emotion, capacity and efficiency.


It's difficult to judge the car: there are no complaints, but nothing to praise either. The body lines are so perfect, they don't strike the eye. This restraint allows the A4 not to be obsolete although it has alreay been on the market for 8 years. In 2012, the developers slightly changed the appearance, replaced the form of the false front and optics. Many owners of the previous Audi got nervous, though they didn't show it. The front looks fresh and aggressive because of the «squint» from the Brera and Alfa Romeo styles. It’s not a surprise – Walter de Silva has developed the design.


The Audi cabin is premium. Anyone who doesn't think so, either has a Porsche or just envy.

The car is made with a high level of quality. The interiors are usually classified in two types – comfortable and uncomfortable. A3 and A1 are the first type. Though, even the Audi A4 is quite convenient.

Different Audi models have seats with good side support. High dashboard, huge central tunnel and low position make passengers feel comfortable.

Let's also compliment on the management of multimedia and climate control. Using it for a few days, you can switch the radio almost blindly. Secondary settings – for example, language or time – are hidden. However, finding them is not a problem.

Turbo engine

Like the previous one, the new Audi has a 2-litre turbo engine, asymmetrical Torsen and S-Tronic all-wheel drive. The torque – 3500Nm, power – 211bhp, a couple of clutches, 7-speed transmission and the Quattro system.

The turbine will deflate if you drive at more than 150kmph. Driving in the city, power is distributed on all wheels, the engine elasticity is good.


Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. The Audi cars are delivered to Russia with the package «Bad roads». Suspension movement and clearance are improved with special designs on the rear wheels and longer front springs. But this badly infuences the car's behavior.

If you often go through difficult terrain, you won't be surprised to feel road pits. But if you drive at more than 120kmph, you will feel uncomfortable. Also the car configuration isn't elegant enough.

However, this problem can be solved free and easily. Buying the conventional Audi, order the traditional European version, rather than the model with optional pseudo sports suspensions. The elongated clearance isn't worth the problems on the roads. The European version allows you to safely ride on bad roads.


Everyone knows that the Audi petrol engines consumes too much oil. Also, it's believed that Volkswagen produces unreliable automatic transmissions. Actually, it's true. The 7-speed, front-wheel Skoda and VW with low indicators of power were not the best.

However, the Audi gearbox is another story. The S-tronic and DSG options, which were used in the Skoda and VW, are similar to them only because of the number of transfers and the operation principle.

In practice, the S-tronic never had any problems. By the way, Audi extends the warranty on the transmission for up to five years.

To sum up, the Audi A4 is a reliable, well-assembled and beautiful car. Can we recommend it? Absolutely. The conventional Mercedes-C and BMW-3 are more suitable for driving outside the settlements because of their rear-wheel drive. They have excellent handling compared to the traditional front-wheel drive Audi. Also don't underestimate the all-wheel drive A4 with a 2-litre turbocharged engine and the correct suspension.

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