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Acura TLX vs. Infiniti Q50

Acura TLX vs. Infiniti Q50

Comparative analysis of the Acura TLX and InfinitiQ50 – which one is better?

The Acura TLX has certain advantages over the Infiniti Q50 just because all details are of its own design.

It arouses respect the fact that it has a 2.4 l engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission with two clutches and an integrated torque converter for smoother “take off”. As for the connection with the Honda Accord, we can only talk about some similarities in the interior of the Acura TLX.

The engine and transmission for the Infiniti Q50 are purchased from the side (Mercedes) and since we prefer a real Japanese quality in Russia, even this fact can be perceived as hostility by Russian consumers.

Here is the question: why do the Japanese car makers need a German engine for its premium class sports sedan? The answer is simple: the Japanese do not have such an engine with a little displacement volume, injection and turbocharging. Nissan purchases its German transmission from Daimler as it is cheaper and more simple than “attaching” a Japanese transmission (a perfect automatic one is available in Japanese Jatco) to a European engine.

Among the advantages of the German assembly it is its noble but aggressive noise similar to the Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16, Cosworth. The automatic transmission in the Drive Mode makes a pause before abrupt acceleration, but in the Sports mode it accelerates without delay. The mode “snow” makes the drive smoother without rubbing the road and wobbling at the start, despite the rear-wheel drive.

The Infiniti Q50 due to its rigid suspension, neutral drivability at the turns and imperceptible rolls allows to feel comfortable at the wheel of the German sports car. Steering gives you complete control both on straight roads and at the turns without vibrations.

But when you start the Acura TLX, you can feel shudder at the wheel though very slight. During driving it disappears. The suspension is quite soft and the drive is calm and serene. And it is strange to see 2 sports modes in the settings.

And you cannot say that the Acura TLX is too slow, just it is designed for a relaxed and comfortable style with smooth movements without vertical wobbling. At the turns the Acura is more obedient than the Infiniti but the dynamics is better in the Infiniti. Engine braking on slippery roads is not very effective in both cars.

If we talk about the interior,then you have a feeling that the Q50 designers have paid more attention to details adding them more elegance while the interior of the TLX strongly resembles the Honda Accord.

Кто кого: Acura TLX против Infiniti Q50

To understand all extra features you need to spend a lot of time as the menu is located on two screens, duplication of operations defies logic and some functions are hidden deep in the system. This applies to both premium cars. Certain settings seem totally unnecessary and different fonts and “bilingualism” prevent from perception.

Ergonomics on both cars is good and the driver’s seat in the Infiniti holds better at the turns but in the Acura it provides more freedom suitable for long journeys.

The steering wheel in the TLX might seem big, but it has a very good profile section. The Acura will be more comfortable for the rear passengers as there is more space than in the Infiniti. The luggage compartment of both cars are comparable in size and volume. The Acura has a spare wheel, but if you fold the rear seats of the Infiniti, you can get a comfortable rectangular opening unlike an “oval” one of the competitor.

When you buy a premium car, you expect to see the rear seat divided into three separate sections giving great opportunities for carriage, but both cars have only two sections.

Fuel consumption of the Acura TLX in towns and cities does not exceed the expected level – slightly more than 12 litres per 100 km. According to the specifications of the Infiniti, fuel consumption is 11.5 litres per 100 km, but this figure has been exceeded. When it is warm, the consumption will be less due to the system stop&start (it is not used at a low temperature). The TLX has the same system but only with a 3.5 litre engine.

If you sum up all subjective impressions from the cars, then the author prefers the balance of drivability and comfort of the Acura TLX. Authenticity of the Japanese product compared to the Infiniti Q50, which lost its connection with Japanese roots, raises more sympathy. The main drawback of both models is the poorly thought-out multimedia system. In this regard, German car makers are far ahead and only Mazda can boast decent multimedia systems among Japanese ones.

Speaking of the prospects of both cars in the Russian market, the conclusion is that the Q50 has better prospects. The last year statistics of sales before the crisis prove this, the dealers have sold 663 cars with the engine from Mercedes and 39 cars with a 3.5 litre engine for 6 months since the beginning of sales. Only 26 TLX cars have been sold for two months, 17 of which with 2.4 litres. These results can not be compared, but they still make it possible to predict the dynamics of sales. The problem of the Acura TLX is not its consumer qualities, the Infiniti dealer network is much stronger.

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