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Family trip to Crimea: Alupka

Family trip to Crimea: Alupka

Небольшой курортный город на Южном берегу полуострова - один из самых привлекательных центров туризма. Фото: http://adonis-crimea.com.ua

A small resort town on the southern coast of the peninsula is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Fantastic views of the Black Sea coast and numerous attractions were appreciated not only by Russian travelers, but also by foreign guests. A tour of the Crimea on a rental car will give you a feeling of freedom. Secluded bays with the most romantic sunsets in the world, ancient architectural monuments, a special flavor of these places - there is everything you can only dream about. A stop in Alupka is a mandatory point of the program.

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Alupka is the pearl of Crimea

Vorontsov Palace is one of the most recognizable monuments in the region. The residence of the Governor General of the Novorossiysk Territory (first half of the 19th century) was erected according to the project of the talented English architect Edward Blor, who was involved in the construction of Walter Scott Castle. In the appearance of the palace, various styles can be traced from Neo-Moorish to Gothic. The main material is diabase that looks nice at the background of the local vegetation. The building is striking in its rich interiors.

Around the palace lies an old garden, exotic plants and trees were imported from around the world.

The former estate of Major General Naryshkin “Sofiyivka” (1830s) resembles an old castle. Decorative turrets, oblong windows resembling loopholes, and red tiles reinforce the impression. A large park has been preserved.

The best temples of Alupka:

• Church of the Archangel Michael;

• Temple of Alexander Nevsky.

On Cross Mountain, archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient fortifications of the 12-13th centuries, even before there lived Tauri.

An excursion to the Massandra enterprise with wine tasting may also be of interest. The collection is considered one of the largest in the world, with more than a million bottles.

A cable car leads to the picturesque Ai-Petri Mountain, its length is more than 3 km. From the observation platforms, a magical panorama of the coast opens from Foros to Sudak. In spring, the beautiful Uchan-Su waterfall in a stormy stream falls from a southern slope of the mountain.

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