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Carsharing development forecasts

Carsharing development forecasts

What do analysts predict to Moscow carsharing market? Photo: https://riamo.ru

Moscow has managed to take first place in the world in terms of carsharing market growth. In 2017 the fleets of carsharing operators totaled in about three thousand cars, in 2019 this figure is approaching 24 thousand. This is a very rapid growth, and there is a tendency to greater increase. What do analysts predict to Moscow carsharing market?

Incentives of Moscow carsharing growth

For a long time, everyone noticed the trend of modern youth not to buy property, but to rent it for a while, and if several years ago this phenomenon was slightly noticeable, now it has become obvious that this is a new lifestyle and a method of using things. People born in 1990-2000-es are especially prone to this phenomenon, but, naturally, they set an example for everyone around them and make their lifestyle more fashionable, so the trend will continue to intensify. Carsharing is a vivid illustration of the manifestation of sharing behavior.
It is no secret the growth of Moscow carsharing is supported by the Moscow City Hall in the form of favorable parking prices.
For comparison:
• A private person has to pay 370 000 roubles per year for a subscription;
• Carsharing parking ticket costs 24 thousand rubles.

Car sharing as a phenomenon itself is very useful for the city - it reduces the use of personal vehicles, thereby positively affects the ecological situation. Due to the joint use of cars, roads become freer, people spend less time in the road, and traffic jams become less frequent, motorists become less nervous - in general, there are a lot of positive factors. And there is a layer of people who opted for carsharing instead of buying a car of their own, which helps to save them on car maintainance and servicing.

 There is a task to achieve a fleet of 24,000 cars, so that one car sharing car accrues to 500 people. Since 2013, carsharing has been developing rapidly, and today the investment period is still ongoing. Government support helps - there is time to build a market and win your client.The competition in this market is strong, there is dumping when tariffs don't yield any profit to the operator (for example, Delimobil with their morning three-ruble rate per minute).There are interesting solutions that are really convenient for customers: “Yandex.Drive”, unlike other operators, which basically give you 20 minutes to get to the car, just figured out how much it really would take to get to the car, and give you this amount of time for free. Ingenious! And so, each operator tries to come up with their own approaches to customers and find their place in the sun. To date, over 80% of the market is distributed among the three largest carsharing operators, although there are already 15 players in total. And when it will come for the profit, and it is just around the corner, as carsharing is in great demand, an oligopoly will become apparent, within the framework of which fresh services will be introduced, the quality of services will be raised, attracting more and more new customers.

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