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Trip around Geneva on a rented car

Trip around Geneva on a rented car

Еще один объект «маст си» - это знаменитый фонтан Же – До, бьющий почти на 150 метров, расположенный в центра озера, очень зрелищный с мощной подсветкой.

Geneva is a charming city, one of the most beautiful in Europe,  and it's absolutely worth a visit. You will be captured by an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, calm and luxury. The city has a wonderful infrastructure, everything is very thought out and convenient, shopping enthusiasts will be happy to find excellent shops there.

Let's rent a car and go to Geneva for the weekend

In this European city, the usual car rental conditions are quite common. You need to be of suitable age and driving experience (21/1 for renting non-luxury brands, otherwise the requirements are tougher), as well as a set of documents:

• Passport

• Driver's license

• Bank card for payment and security deposit

To find the best prices for car rental you need to book a car in advance choosing the most appropriate option. Car rental in Moscow is about the same.

Wandering around the city looking for sights

As any city, Geneva has a historical center. There you can visit St. Peter's Basilica and feel the air of the old Middle Ages. It is best to come to admire the temple at night, when an unusual illumination is turned on. This is the most popular sight of Geneva, at midnight the clock beats the city’s anthem.

Another “must see” object is the famous Je-Do fountain, reaching almost 150 meters, located in the center of the lake, that is very spectacular with lighting. Be sure to take a walk along the shores of Lake Geneva, the largest in the Alps, many tourists come here to spend holidays. The lake is dominated with the Alps covered in snow, which creates a very special view. Fishing lovers will be especially happy: there is a huge number of fish species in the lake.

 A rental car will help to see the city's vincities (remember that renting a car without a deposit is not practiced).

 Geneva is a real treasury for museums lovers:

• Voltaire Museum

• Museum of Primitive Art

• Ethnographical museum

• Museum of Art and History

• Clock Museum

Everyone will find something according to their needs. Naturally, the Museum dedicated to watchmaking enjoys special popularity - after all, Switzerland is associated with good clocks. The museum was opened by the world famous company Patek Philippe on the occasion of one hundred and fifty years since the foundation. The museum has the opportunity to see firsthand how the clock was made in the old days. It is especially interesting to see an amazing collection of rare watches, some of which are over five centuries old.

It is very nice to walk around the island of Rousseau, named after the famous philosopher, a lot of travelers go there, and for some reason birds also like it there. It is located close to Lake Geneva and is connected to the city by a bridge. Sitting comfortably on a bench seventy meters long, you can enjoy beautiful views of Geneva and the surrounding area. When traveling, you should never forget to taste the local dishes; Switzerland has its own specialties:

• Potato breakfast rosti

• Cheese fondue

• Raclette

• Perch in cream and lemon sauce

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