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Car sharing competition: bonuses and privileges programs

Car sharing competition: bonuses and privileges programs


Per-minute car rental in Moscow is a very popular service, daily more than 140 thousand people use the service and this figure will only increase. One car sharing is capable to replace up to 15 personal cars, which significantly improves the environmental situation. Moscow car sharing is the largest in the world (it is planned to reach a fleet of 30,000 cars by 2025), and therefore, the competition in this market is huge. What methods are used by car sharing operators to attract and retain their customers?

Best carsharing offers:

In 2019, there is about a dozen of operators and each of them has incentive programs. As a compliment from the company, there may be a free first trip, in addition to this, almost all car sharing rewards for attracting new customers with promo codes.

The leader of Moscow car sharing, Yandex.Drive, has developed a special offer that provides a 10% discount when you are paying for services with a Mastercard, this card is fixed in the main application. You can take advantage of the promotion until the end of 2019.

BelkaCar keeps up with Yandex.Drive: they offered a cashback program together with the Mir card. It makes up 10%. To become a participant you will need:

• Provide the Mir card number;

• Fill out the application form.
The special offer is valid until the end of the year and will end on December 11.

Delimobile together with Aeroflot reward customers with flying miles for every thirty rubles spent. To participate in earning miles, you need Aeroflot bonus card. The following tariffs participate in the promotion:

• «Base»;
• « Fairy tale ».

YouDrive car sharing operator did even more creative - they request detailed data on how long the trip and destination could last. If such data is provided, the cost of the trip is reduced.

Each of the car sharing operators provides free time to get to the car. This is an average of 20 minutes. But for example, Yandex.Drive attracts its customers by providing as much time as needed.

In addition, car sharing constantly compete among themselves with their fleets, adding premium segment cars, and also offering to ride their non branded cars to emphasize the status of customers. However, in order to rent such cars every minute, you need not only a certain age and experience, but also the absence of serious violations and accidents in the driver’s history.

The wider the map of car sharing becomes, the stronger the competition will be felt, and this is not at all bad for users. This means that we are waiting for new promotions, bonuses and special offers, as well as improving customer service and quality of service from car sharing operators.

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