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BMW 6-Series GT xDrive: rent a big and comfy hatchback

It looks elegant and impressive, as you would expect from BMW, therefore it immediately became one of the desired cars in a car rental in Moscow.

Unusual routes in Russia by a rented car. The Republic of Sakha and its landmarks

The vehicle should also be equipped with GPS. You can take it in car rental.

Trip to Olkhon Island by a rented car

GPS navigator, medicine box, fire extinguisher and spare wheels are a must-have in a car. Their availability is company's responsibility.

Volkswagen Caravelle: time-tested minibus to rent

The universal German bus" is still one of the leaders in a car rental if you need to transport a large company or any cargo.

Carsharing as a new form of public transport: things you need to know about the popular service

Carsharing, or short-term car rental, is a relatively new direction that has been actively developing in Russia for just a few years.

Brabus smart: stylish and compact crossover to rent

It has all the advantages of a rented car, if you need a small maneuverable car with a fairly powerful engine.

Things you need to know about carsharing: registration and other nuances of the popular service

Carsharing in Moscow is the best way to travel around the megalopolis.
Millions of satisfied users appreciated its benefits.

Pros and peculiarities of carsharing

The most modern option is carsharing. However, not everyone is well aware of how this service works.

Renault Koleos: flagship crossover to rent

This rental car will give you the pleasure of driving on any road and in any weather.

Explore the best tourist attractions in Arzamas

Most of the churches are still preserved. To visit them, as well as other interesting tourist attractions we advise you to rent a car.

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