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10 best-selling cars in Russia in January

10 best-selling cars in Russia in January

The Hyundai Solaris takes first position.

In January the results of sales of new cars fell short of expectations: the level of sales in Russia had fallen down by 24,4 %. The leader was the Hyundai Solaris. Initially it was the Lada Granta. In November 2014 the Lada Granta lost to the rivals in sales and first was the Kia Rio.

Among the leaders there was the Japanese Datsun on-DO. The number of sold cars of a base model was 2 933 cars and it got 7th position.

1st position — the Hyundai Solaris

Sold: January 2015 — 8 217 cars

January 2014 — 6 947 cars

Starting price: 514,9 thousand roubles

Last year you could buy this car for 450 000 roubles. At the beginning of this year the new version of the Hyundai will cost 514,9 thousand roubles. In January 2015 the price increased by 9 000 roubles. The model is produced in hatchback and sedan. The rise in price of the Solaris has not changed its high level of demand as the similar cars of its rivals have similar prices.

2d position — the Lada Granta

Sold: January 2015 — 7 737 cars

January 2014 — 8 255 cars

Starting price: 311,6 thousand roubles

The analysis of the Lada Granta sales has shown a decrease of sales by 518 cars compared to January 2014. Earlier it was only sold in sedan but since May 2014 it has been produced in hatchback as well.

The hatchback is much more expensive and will cost about 332,8 thousand roubles. The rise in price is explained by imported spare parts used for this model.

3d position — the Kia Rio

Sold: January 2015 — 5 177 cars

January 2014 — 5 324 cars

Starting price: 514, 9 thousand roubles

This brand remains the leader among foreign cars on the Russian market. Although the price of these models is the same 514,9 thousand roubles, there is a little difference in configuration of the cars.

4th position — the Renault Logan

Sold: January 2015 — 3 366 cars

January 2014 — 3 004 cars

Starting price: 425 or 454 thousand roubles

The Logan is one of the cars sales of which have increased. This car is presented in the new and previous versions: the new one costs 454 000 roubles, the other one costs 425 000 roubles.

5th position — the Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Sold: January 2015 2015 — 3 324 cars

January 2014 — 3 836 cars

Starting price: 538 000 roubles

This German car costs more now: a base model costs 538 000 roubles, more expensive version is about 760 000 roubles. Despite the fall in demand, the German car managed to remain in the first 5.

6th position — the Lada 4x4

Sold: January 2015 — 2 948 cars

January 2014 — 2 314 cars

Starting price: 394,5 thousand roubles

The Lada 4x4 is 37 years on the Russian market. Very high position in the list — the new Lada 4x4 Urban. This car is equipped with an air conditioner, noise insulation.

7th position — the Datsun on-DO

Sold: January 2015 2015 — 2 933 cars

January 2014 — no sales

Starting price: 339 thousand roubles

The Datsun on-DO appeared in Russia a couple of months ago, but this model managed to take 7th position in the list due to its sales in January.

8th position — the Renault Duster

Sold: January 2015 2015 — 2 743 cars

January 2014 — 5 590 cars

Starting price: 590 thousand roubles

The Renault Duster was one of the most available cars of its class and was in the first 5 last year. A dramatic increase by 110 000 roubles put it in 8th position.

9th position — the Lada Kalina

Sold: January 2015 2015 — 2 526 cars

January 2014 — 4 264 cars

Starting price: 361,3 thousand roubles

The model was added with such versions as the Kalina Sport and Cross last year. For a minimum price you can purchase a five-door Lada Kalina with 1,6 litre engine.

10th position — the Nissan Almera

Sold: January 2015 2015 — 2 261 cars

January 2014 — 2 993 cars

Starting price: 445 thousand roubles

Due to its new model it managed to remain in the 10 best-selling list. Nowadays 5 versions of the Nissan Almera are available with different configuration but the same 1,6 litre engine.

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