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Domestic resorts: going to Anapa by a rented car

If you are neither ready to go sightseeing right away after the long ride in a rented car, nor to stay in your hotel room, take a walk through the city, first of all along the embankment.

KIA Rio: conquering Europe

The manufacturer is aimed for Europe, but we can rent a car in Moscow.

Select a car to rent: KIA Cerato, Volkswagen Jetta or Skoda Octavia?

Which of them is most adapted for the needs of an average customer? Car rental  will help you to find the answer.

A trip to Pavlovsk and its suburbs by a rented car

After visiting the palace and park ensemble, go to the city by the rented car.
Many historical buildings have been given to various institutions, but you can still admire the beauty of their facades.

Going to Izhevsk by a rented car

Walking through its streets, you will encounter a crocodile, relaxing on a bench, a three-meter elk, a pair of scissors of terrifying size and fashion and many other unexpected pieces of art.
You can easily see all of them on a rented car.

Across the unexplored Abkhazia by a rental car

Be vigilant – local drivers often disregard the traffic rules, so take care of your rental car.

Going through Jamaica by a rented car

Port Royal is 25 kilometers away from the capital. A trip by a rental car will take you about half an hour.

A trip to the past: a tour around the Pskov region by a rented car

Most attractions are located outside the city; therefore, you just cannot do without a rented car.
The easiest way is to rent a car in Moscow.

Visit the most beautiful places of Voronezh by a rented car

To make your journey more comfortable, you can rent a car and travel easily in accordance with the chosen routes.

Rent Toyota Land Cruiser 200: a solid car

The rented car is no more “the king” of the off-road.
Now the focus has shifted to wealthy customers who appreciate luxury and comfort.

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