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Fascinating journey through Siberia on a rented car: trip to Kansk

The tenant chooses the kind of car he needs: a car with a spacious interior, roomy trunk or an economy-class model.

Rent Opel Vectra OPC: PE lessons

Reactions of the steering wheel are precise and timely, the car is stable and doesn’t roll in maneuvers.

Rent Nissan Pathfinder: double blow

This SUV has always been famous for its outstanding off-road qualities, but the developers of the new generation model have put focus on the driving pleasure.
Let’s rent the car for a test drive and find out whether they succeeded in this.  

Rent Mazda CX-9: expanding priorities

The new generation promises to be more comfortable - let’s rent the car for a test drive.

Rent Chevrolet Volt: a step closer to the future

What is so special about the American hybrid, what are its cons? Let’s rent the car and find answers to these questions.

 Rent BMW 320 d xDrive: focus on the driver

The new generation of the car became more technological compared to the predecessor and preserved active driving properties.

Nice rest in Yessentuki: travel across Caucasian resorts on a rented car

You’d better go there on a rented car, thus you will have an opportunity to visit other interesting towns on your way and get lots of positive emotions.

Rent Ford Tourneo Custom: focus on the family

Ford also has several large MPVs, which are designed to transport large groups of people. Tourneo Custom is one of them. Let’s rent the car.

Chasing the impressions: an incredible journey on the rented car across Latin American countries

You’d better discover new places on the rented car. The ancient temples and the majestic Andes mountains, thick forests and luxury resorts are looking forward for you.

Celebrate together with Europe: visiting the best Christmas fairs on a rented car

Small car rentals have a small choice of cars to rent and quite often some problem may arise.

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