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Infiniti QX-50: new generation of crossover to rent

Attractive and dynamic QX-50 has a large number of advantages for car rental over similar models. Let's consider them in more detail.

Carsharing in Moscow: conditions, prices and prospects of the popular service

Carsharing appeared in the Russian capital in 2013. Thousands of drivers use this service every day.

Carsharing: pros and cons of popular service

Car sharing appeared in Russia several years ago, but thousands of users have already appreciated it. Clients are attracted by low prices, the diversity of brands and models and the round-the-clock access to cars.

Exciting New Year's tour by rented car: best Russian destinations

A rented car is not just a convenient means of transport; it will give you a feeling of complete freedom.

Carsharing is easy. How to use a popular service

Carsharing is car rental with a per-minute charge. The client downloads an application with internet access in order to reserve a car, finish the rent and make other operations.

Trip to Estonia by a rented car: the fortress city of Narva

Some Moscow companies offer rental car with a right to go abroad.

Best routes in Romania: travelling by a rented car

Many companies operate in the only region, it may be difficult or practically impossible to rent a car in one city and return in another.

Pleasant trip to Yuryevets by rental car

The transfer of the rented car to the client and its return are processed with an act, which records all the detected defects and malfunctions.

Holidays in Kondopoga: visiting best attractions by rented car

Foreign car rental companies have an excellent reputation, so fraud is impossible.

Mazda CX-9: big and stylish Japanese crossover to rent

The rented car easily and gently gains speed without causing the slightest inconvenience to passengers or the driver.

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