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Volkswagen Amarok: a great German pickup to rent

Let's consider Volkswagen Amarok in more detail before renting.

Rent Range Rover 2.0L Si4 РНEV: advanced comfort

Let's rent the car in Moscow take a closer look at the new Range Rover.

Rent Mercedes-AMG C 63 S: choosing between the two versions

When choosing a car to rent, you may hesitate between a coupe or a sedan. Let's see if they have any significant differences.

KIA Ceed: a Europeanized Korean hatchback to rent

Let's take a closer look at the main changes before renting the car.

Best wine destinations by a rented car

A tourist would need a rental car in order to visit farms, vineyards and cellars.

Interesting cities in Krasnodar Region: visiting Temryuk by a rental car

The cost of service depends on the term of car rent, insurance type, car model, and on the choice of additional tools (navigator, child seat, etc.).

Best spots in Kaliningrad Region: trip to Gurievsk by a rented car

Renting a car is a popular service. There are lots of local and international car rentals in Moscow.

Travelling to the most beautiful lakes by a rental car

Local car rentals are usually more loyal to their clients, but not all of them are reliable.

Enjoy the road trip to Smolensk region and explore Roslavl

If necessary, the rental company will equip the car with a navigator, a child seat and other useful things.

Rent a car for a memorable trip across Goa

You can easily rent a car at any airport or hotel, every large hotel has car rental companies’ representatives.

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