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Машины напрокат в Москве: плохая видимость не помеха движению
If you got behind the wheel (for example, you use car rental in Moscow), you should be very careful. Let's see what kind of visibility happens and what is the difference. Photo: https://expertiza-rf.ru

The rainy off-season is rapidly approaching, when rains, fogs, snowfalls and wind will dominate, and also light days will be shorter and driving visibility will deteriorate. 

How to rent a car in Moscow and not get involved in chases and shootouts?
In the movie, such catch-ups look very exciting. Photo:https://bnews.kz

How many times in Western detectives and action movies have we seen police chasing criminals, using weapons. 


Per-minute car rental in Moscow is a very popular service, daily more than 140 thousand people use the service and this figure will only increase.

A dream trip: rent a car and visit Dilijan
Armenia is an amazing country with delicious dishes and wines, landscapes and interesting tourist places. Photo: https://zoi.by

To the north of Lake Sevan in Armenia, in the valley of the Agstev River, there is an amazing mountain resort Dilijan.

Car rental in Moscow: how to use the parking brake?
Although progress is striding widely around the planet, and everything should have been robotic and automated there is still a manual parking brake in cars. It is a lever (sometimes a pedal), as well as a network of cables and a brake mechanism.Photo: https://fb.ru

Car rental in Moscow is a very popular service along with the car sharing. The goal of the service is to unload the roads of the metropolis and make our environmental situation better.

How to rent a car in Moscow. Reporting a car accident online
Since November, 1st, it will be possible to report a car accident with the help of a mobile app. Photo: https://moskvichmag.ru

Digital technologies are becoming a usual part of everyday life. Since November, 1st, it will be possible to report a car accident with the help of a mobile app.

New types of carsharing and their future in Russia
For now, the most popular car sharing service is renting a vehicle with a charge by the minute. Different car sharing companies provide such an option. Photo: https://carsharingblog.ru

Carsharing appeared in Moscow not long ago but it has already become very popular. Carsharing services are also available in other Russian cities with more than 1 million citizens. The number of clients is growing very fast.

Car rental in Moscow: things you can't put in the trunk
In summer, you may need to transport a bicycle. Photo https://vplate.ru

If you decide to rent a car in Moscow you should remember that there are things that you can’t put into the trunk. There may be problems with traffic police if you do not remember the list and do not follow the rules.

Едем по Москве в машине напрокат: «встречка» и наши действия
If it happens that you were charged with this kind of traffic code violation driving a rented car, don’t abandon all hope. You can tell the traffic police officer all the details and they will be mentioned in the report. Photo https://ivbg.ru

You should strictly follow the traffic rules when you are driving a rented car or your personal vehicle. However, some cases may be quite controversial. They may end with a fine or your driving license withdrawal.

Наслаждаемся красотой Хевиза на машине на прокат
Lake Heviz is formed by three spings. The temperature of the lake is comfortable at any season of the year. Photo https://instyle.ru

Little know about a small Hungarian town of Heviz not far from Budapest. People don’t often speak of it but the town is well-known as a spa resort. There is a thermal lake there called Heviz.

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