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Unforgettable trip across Peru on the rented car

In general, roads in Peru are carefully monitored, only some of them have bad coverage. Be especially careful driving on mountain serpentine.

Sightseeing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the rented car

Car rental is a reliable companion for the tourists exploring the region on his own.

Family crossover to rent:  selecting from Mazda CX-9, Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer

Not so long ago, Ford Explorer was considered the most spacious and comfortable family crossover. Heads of big families opted for this car in long journeys.

Rent Smart Fortwo: smart and stylish baby car

Smart has established itself a long time ago. When you rent such a car, you clearly know what to expect from it: cute appearance and great maneuverability, especially in traffic jams.

Sightseeing in Kirishi (Leningrad oblast) on the rented car

When the car is transferred to the tenant, an act is drawn up. It fixes damages and defects before the lease.

Traveling by a rented car in search of the most unusual spa salons

Rented cars are equipped with air conditioner, heating and other equipment providing comfort.

Trip by a rented car: a fascinating route Moscow-Volgodonsk

The easiest way is to rent a car in Moscow, where rental companies are located at every corner, especially in the center-city.

Fascinating journey across Siberia on a rented car: amazing Irkutsk

The driver should be over 21 yo and have over 2 years of driving experience. Most car rental companies require a deposit, the amount depends on the class of car.

Rent Toyota Avalon: claiming the premium

This car is very popular in the USA. What is the secret of its success? Let’s rent the car and try to find it out.

Can a carsharing car replace a personal one? Tenants’ opinion

Carsharing is a relatively new service that has already won hundreds of thousands of fans both in Moscow and beyond its borders.

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