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Trip to Yalta on a rented car

After successfully booking a car you will get an e-mail confirmation.

Atlantic and Caribbean resorts: top places for winter vacation

It will be cheaper pre-book a car, another option, more expensive one, is to rent it directly at the station or airport. The longer the car rental period, the more favorable the price.

A memorable trip to Plyos

You will have to make a prepayment and will get it back when you return the car undamaged.  

A memorable trip to Florence on a rented car

You will face difficulties with parking, there are no free parking lots for tourists. If you leave the rented car in the wrong place, it will be taken to an impoundment lot.

Trip to Apatity on a rented car

Renting a car for a weekend is a great idea. You arrange the route and explore the sights for as long as you need.

Is it worth renting Hyundai Grandeur: pros

This s the review of the Korean luxury sedan. What properties does it have and what repels from the car?

An exotic trip to India on a rented car

Renting a car will help you to discover new cities and visit the most beautiful places.

Visit Petrozavodsk on a rented car: a memorable trip

Standard driver requirements: a valid passport and driving license; not younger than 21 y.o.; two years driving experience.

Rent Volkswagen Touareq: demonstration of superiority

Engineers assure that it’s able to deliver genuine pleasure to an active driver preserving passenger’s comfort. Let’s rent the car and check whether it’s true.

Trip to Copenhagen on a rented car

The city has offices of major international companies like Europcar, Sixt, etc. The most popular local company is Danskautorent.

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