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About company

AvtoProfi has been in the Russian car industry since 2010.

In 2011 it became an official partner of the Genser group of companies.

AvtoProfi started providing car rental services in Moscow in 2012.


Modern customer service organization, high professionalism and experience of our staff have allowed our company to achieve high results.

Nowadays AvtoProfi employs over 100 staff. Average age of our specialists is 30-35 years old.

Within the company, we provide all conditions for professional development. Emloyees are given trainings and courses by car make programmes and corporate programmes as well.

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Car rental in Moscow is the right service for those who are travelling for pleasure or business and for those who value their time. We are taking care of our customers and try to give them freedom to travel, reliability and comfort. We strive to provide a fleet of cars with car models from manufacturers such as Opel, Nissan and Chevrolet Aveo of 2013-2014. Our range of models makes it easy to find a car to your needs.

All cars in AvtoProfi are equipped with a fire extinguisher, a first-aid kit, a breakdown triangle and a roadmap. For winter period cars are equipped with winter tyres.

All our rental cars are insured (CTP, Comprehensive Cover).

Our company strives to make our service the most convenient for our customers. To achieve this we have developed different ways of booking cars and different ways of payment, special conditions for corporate customers, possibility of long rents at lowest rates. We understand the importance of partnership and AvtoProfi is offering attractive terms of partnership to agencies of foreign companies in Russia, travel agencies, hotels and sports businesses. For Genser customers we also have favourable conditions on car rentals and maintenance. We are always glad to have you among our customers or partners and hope AvtoProfi car rental without driver will ensure success and prosperity to your business and convenience and comfort to you.

AvtoProfi head office is located in Yasenevo a few-minute walk from the metro station “Teplyy Stan”. We provide car rental service and booking cars 24/7 in 10 locations throughout Moscow and Moscow region. We also offer 24h technical support and delivery of your rental car to any place in Moscow and Moscow region. You can find out more information about car rentals contacting us by phone. Phone numbers can be found on Contacts page.

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