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An exciting trip to Tyumen by a rented car

To make the trip memorable for a long time, travel by a rented car. On your way to Tyumen you will be able to see other, no less beautiful, cities, for example, Yaroslavl or Perm.

Exciting trips by a rented car: where a keen traveler can go

A variety of routes, interesting sights and new acquaintances – all this will make your trip special. But be sure to book the desired car in advance.

Sunny Krymsk: traveling in the Krasnodar region by a rented car

Contact only the reliable car rental offices that have gained a good reputation.

Going to Peterhof by a rented car

To see everything with your own eyes, go on an exciting trip by a rented car.

Russia Day: fascinating trips to interesting places by a rented car

You can rent a car and spend these days with profit, as so many interesting sights and entertainments are waiting for you.

KIA Sorento Prime: premium ambitions

The modern customer is very fastidious about the cars. It’s hard enough to surprise him!
The same happened with KIA Sorento Prime, but is it so bad? Let’s rent the car and check it.

Rent a car for a trip across the Kurgan Oblast

A car is rented clean and fully fueled. It should be returned in the same condition.

Rent Hyundai i40: avant-garde style

Hyundai company was able to surprise the public with harmony and individual style. Model i40 is nice example. Let’s rent Hyundai and check it.

Traveling with kids: trips to the most interesting places of Russia by rented car

The rented car is equipped with an air conditioner and a heater to provide maximum of comfort for passengers.

Chevrolet Captiva: family values

The rented car is very different from its classmates.
It’s a comfortable family car. These qualities attract lots of fans to the Korean sedan. But does it has other virtues?

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